Menu Pizza King Tralee

The name says it all and as such our restaurant type is undoubtedly pizza takeaway, however our signature dishes cover more of Italian cuisine than just pizza so you might be in for a surprise. When it comes to our pizzas traditional flavors like Margherita, Roma and Funghi make the basis of our menu. But we do offer some custom flavors like our namesake The Pizza King, which has "everything on top". You will have to order it to find out just what is everything, but rest assured all is delicious. The Calzone Pizza is folded to better resemble a calzone and it's unique combination of egg, ham and mushroom also make for an unique meal. Of course, we also offer traditional Calzones if that is more your speed. And no Italian menu would be complete without some good old pasta. Penne and Spaghetti are our main two options, available with bolognese, chicken and prawns. It's a great way to enjoy the flavor of Italy without going for the usual pizza, and the sauces make for a meal you won't forget. And last but not least you can also order a lasagne, accompanied with chips or salad.

About Pizza King Tralee menu

With Pizza King we wanted to make a place where not only you could get your favorite pizza but also get to enjoy a more complete experience with your friends and family. Pizza is still our main love, and our menu is ready to tackle any preference you might have. But we also understand that sometimes you will want something else, or not everybody in your group will want a slice. And that's why we've made sure too include other options in our menu so everybody really has a place at our table. That's our commitment with our clients.


Restaurant location Pizza King Tralee

You can find our restaurant in the Clounalour area, on Upper Castle Street, Tralee; or to be more exact we are located in 11 Upper Castle Street Clounalour Tralee. In short when you take Upper Castle Street you have to stop right at the corner with Green Lane. In that very corner is our restaurant, so locating us won't be too much of a hassle. But if you would prefer to avoid the trip then feel free to order from the comfort of your home. using our official app, Pizza King to get delivery or schedule a pick-up, just search for us on google play and the app store.​